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Sanjeev Kapoors Konkan Cookbook


Sanjeev Kapoors Konkan Cookbook  
Sail down the Konkan coast with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor on a gastronomical adventure as he glides on crystal blue waters, past shimmering golden sands and brooding forts, the salt sea air thick with legendary exploits of heroes long gone. A proud land so rich in history and natureâ€â„¢s bounty is bound to have a cuisine that is as glorious and exciting.

Konkan food has slowly been gaining in popularity with specialty restaurants catering to a devoted following for this distinct cuisine. Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who is a strong proponent of home cooking now makes the most well kept secrets of the traditional recipes accessible to everyone in the Konkan Cookbook. Written in his characteristic simple and logical format, he helps you find the right ingredients and tips for authentic results. The dishes cover the traditional fare of Malwan, Goa and Mangalore.

In the book he casts his net far and wide, from Maharashtra down to Goa and Karnataka, and comes up with a catch that will astonish and delight any food lover. Watch your food repertoire undergo a flavoursome sea change with the sourness of kokum and the aroma of triphal. Sip Solkadhi for the soul. Try the crisp Bombil fry, Prawn Ghassi or the Chicken Xacuti. There is enough fare for the vegetarians also with dishes like Stuffed Brinjals (Bharli Vangi) and Potatoes in Spicy Manglorean Gravy (Batata Humman), or the Gram Consomme (Kulitcha Saar). Round off the meal with a sweet Chana Dal Kheer (Madgane) or Moong Dal Fudge (Moogori). All recipes given in the Book serve four people. All the recipes are traditional recipes for contemporary lifestyles, written with the precision and clarity that has made Chef Kapoor the most famous spokesman for Indian food today.

So come aboard the Konkan adventure as the master explorer of Indian cuisine opens up the treasure chest of yet another region of this rich continent. As they say down the Konkan coast may your taat (plate) always overflow with bes jevan (great food).


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Sanjeev Kapoors Low Calorie Vegetarian Cookbook


Sanjeev Kapoors Low Calorie Vegetarian Cookbook  
Though "Khazana of Healthy Tasty Recipes" is full of well balanced low calorie recipes, there were many who could not quite relate to the title 'Healthy Tasty Recipes' and still asked for 'Low Calorie Recipes'.

This compilation therefore is the result of the demand and need for a book on 'Vegetarian Low Calorie Recipes'. Sedentary life styles and virtually no time to exercise forces many to go in for foods that are low in calories. Added to this is the general understanding that to lose weight or to maintain a steady weight one has to depend on low calorie food. Great care has been taken to ensure that while the recipes are low calorie, their taste does not suffer.

Though the recipes here have been chosen from in and out of India, they have all been altered to suit the Indian taste. Some of the exoticas that can be found in this book are Creamed Pumpkin and Apple Soup, Vegetable Fried Rice with Herbs, Cyprus Tomato Soup, Orange Broccoli, Slimmer's Salad in No Oil Dressing, Kesari Phirni which will give a fair idea of the treasures that can be found within its covers.


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Sanjeev Kapoors Microwave Cooking Made Easy


Sanjeev Kapoors Microwave Cooking Made Easy  
From popping popcorns to preparing jacket potatoes, making soggy foods crisp to re-heating beverages and foodâ€Â¦ microwave oven is, I am sure most of you would agree, a fantastic piece of technology. Now it is time to step ahead, onto an interesting path of discovering the versatility of microwave cooking! Be it the Dal or an Irish Coffee, be it the Smoky Fish Kabab or a Vegetable Idli, microwave cooking is the thing to do!

The mechanics of a microwave cooking are quite simple. And once grasped, they open the door to many exciting and memorable meals. This book brings for you the mechanics of microwave cooking that in turn will guide you through tested and recommended procedures for good results of every recipe.

So here's to microwave cooking that keeps the taste and nutrient content hale &  hearty for a healthy you!


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Sanjeev Kapoors Microwave Desi Cooking


Sanjeev Kapoors Microwave Desi Cooking  
In Microwave Desi Cooking, Chef Kapoor marries tradition with technology and brings fun and freedom back into the kitchen. He once and for all dispels the myths about not being able to cook authentic Indian food in a microwave oven. You will in this book see that an entire Indian meal from soup to dessert can be cooked in the microwave oven and in a fraction of the time normally taken! Whip up delicious Bharwan Aloo, spicy Achari baingan, fragrant pulaos and biryanis, dals and kadhis, traditional Malbani Fish Curry or the luscious Kesari Kulfi.


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