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Sanjeev Kapoors Snacks & Starters Non Vegetarian


Sanjeev Kapoors Snacks & Starters Non Vegetarian  
A perfect starter would be the one that teases the taste buds just enough to help you relish the main meal that will follow. Quite often it so happens that one ends up filling their stomachs with the starters for so delicious are they that one just cannot stop eating.

The collection here is indeed fulfilling and hold promises of being as interesting as a racy thriller. Not stopping at the all time favourites Tandoori Chicken or Chicken Tikka we also present here wholesome snacks like the Kheema Pav, Kheema Frankie, Paneer Pakora - all lip smacking. One thing that is common to all the recipes is that they will leave you asking for more.


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Sanjeev Kapoors Snacks & Starters NonVeg


Sanjeev Kapoors Snacks & Starters NonVeg
Yet another treasure from the trove of Sanjeev Kapoor's a collection of the most delicious traditional Indian recipes.

The clamour for Indian food is natural. What with its rich history dating eons back when the Rajahs and Maharajahs fired the imagination of the palace cooks to come up with a wide variety of exotic and delectable dishes that have left a lasting impact on the palates of connoisseurs of good food. Dishes like Murgh Shahjahani Chaat, Amaras ke Malai Aloo, Narangi Pulao and Gulab-e-Gulkand have endured the test of time and are still as popular as they were then. Perhaps the reason for the world wide popularity of Indian food is the fact that it has a lot of intermingling flavours, is healthy, is easy to prepare and above all can be digested effortlessly.

Indian food as it is today is the result of evolution. The recipes that have been passed through generations have in the process gathered a lot of influences of foreign tastes and textures. And we have brought you these delicacies within the covers of this beautifully produced book with exquisite photograph that aptly complement the exotic dishes. It is sure to find a pride of place on the shelves of any discerning collector.

The recipes have been judiciously chosen to give readers a taste of India that is authentic, yet ingeniously formatted to complement a modern meal from starters and soups through the main course to the desserts. There are a total of 91 ravishing recipes in this book.


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Sanjeev Kapoors Gourmet Delight - Main Course II


Sanjeev Kapoors Gourmet Delight - Main Course II  
This is one of a set of eight books and is a handy compilation of is best for the modern palate. rought to you by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, this special collection will help you plan beautiful meals that will surprise and delight everyone. Compiled from traditional India and global recipes, the dishes have Chef Kapoor's innovative genius. Discover how food cooked under his guidance is transformed into a meal fit for a kind. Explaining the science behind the art of cooking, the recipes are meticulously presented in easy steps to that even beginners can cook with confidence. Soups, salads, starters, main dishes, accompaniments and deserts are all waiting to be discovered. 


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Sanjeev Kapoors Simply Indian



Sanjeev Kapoors Simply Indian Sanjeev Kapoor's books are eagerly awaited and when published they do not disappoint. This is one such. Meticulously prepared texts and pleasingly photographed delicacies will please the reader immensely.


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