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Zagat Rated Indian Restaurants


You may have seen many restaurants with the sticker saying Zagat Rated Restaurant and I was curious to see what that meant. I did not see any further information about what the rating meant and below are my findings.

Zagat was company started in 1979 and used to rate restaurants across various parameters. Today they rate many things such as hotels, attractions, night life etc. With respect to restaurants, they evaluate restaurants on 4 parameters Food , Decor, Service and Cost .

The ratings are determined through Zagat Surveys which are completed by people who are considered to be knowledgeable in that field. I am not sure how they actually go and figure this out. With, more users can provide these ratings. 

The Food, Decor and Service fall under the following 5 ratings

  • 26 - 30 - Extraordinary to Perfection
  • 20 - 25 - Very Good to Excellent
  • 16 - 19 - Good to Very Good
  • 10 - 15 - Fair to Good
  • 0 - 9  - Poor to Fair

The Cost is based on the following 4 ratings

  • VE -  Very Expensive
  • E - Expensive
  • M - Moderate
  • I - Inexpensive  

Zagat does not show this information on their website unless you pay for a subscription which runs at $4.95 a month or $24.95 for a year. Zagat publishes many restaurant guides each year for various locations and if a restaurant gets listed there then I think they are eligible to put the sticker for that year but it seems like most restaurants "forget" to remove it. 

Also, just because a restaurant is on does not mean it is "Zagat Rated". I think that only applies to restaurants that are in the guides. 

For those of you interested in finding Zagat Rated Indian Restaurants, I think its going to be rather difficult because the Zagat does not let you publish that information so easily. The only way you can get that information is to pay for a subscription.