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Nawabi Kalmi Kabab

Nawabi Kalmi Kabab

On our recent trip to India, we picked up a number of recipe books. We had a lovely summer evening and decided that it was time to fire up the grill and try out a new kabab recipe. This week we tried the "Nawabi Kalmi Kabab". Kalmi Kababs are very popular in India and you will find them on most North Indian restaurant menus. Kalmi kababs  are typically made with chicken drumsticks, but this recipe recommended chicken thighs. Maybe the nawabs did not like drumsticks. 

We prepared the recipe using the ingredients mentioned and followed the 2 step marination process, but we grilled it on a regular gas grill. The kababs turned out really great. The kababs were very soft and succulent, probably due to the heavy use of cream and cheese. They were also spicy and tangy but not very hot. You can increase the heat by adding more chilly powder. 

We had the kababs with a simple rice pulao. We would recommend that you try the Nawabi Kalmi Kabab

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