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North India' Recipes

Kadai Bhindi (Okra) is an awesome dish. It is an amazing mix of fried bhindi with onions, chopped tomatoes, capsicum and spices cooked together.

Category:  Okra-Bhindi Punjabi Vegetarian

Kadhai Prawn

Category:  Prawn-Shrimp Punjabi Non Vegetarian

In India, small chickens are used for this dish and served as an individual starter with unleaved bread. If you wish to serve it as a starter, use 4 poussins instead of chicken joints.
Skin them first and make small gashes with a sharp knife to enable the spices to seep in.

Category:  Non-Vegetarian Chicken Kashmiri

Malai kofta is a veggie substitute for Meatballs. It consists of dumplings made with paneer (cottage cheese), cauliflower florets, carrots and potatoes in a rich sauce.




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