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worst food
The worst food I have ever had in USA. We ordered for the Thali, Biryani, Aloo Paratha, Chole Bhatura and Dosa. Biryani was one of its kind. I like any kind of rice, but after eating a spoon from this Biryani, I kinda started hating rice products. North Indian Thali was complete disaster. It also came with same biryani we ordered separate. Bhatura was not done and absolutely pathetic. Chole was made with some kind of sauce / oil that you must have never experienced before.

So basically We ordered for bunch of food, but left the restaurant hungry and down.

The verdict : Please be aware of this make-believe Indian restaurant - it ain't worth the time, effort or the $ you spend.. Spare yourself the trouble and eat some tacos... :). Be aware!

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