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Spice N Rice Indian Heaven
This place rocks! I have tried different things off their menu, and everything satisfied my taste buds. The Tandoori Chicken is juicy and succulent. They have a special of 2 legs with naan for $6.99. Goat Biryani is the best that I've tasted in DFW and I'm not joking. Their Tikka Masala is called Buttered Chicken and was just perfect, not being too sweet or too spicy. These folks know how to cook, and cooks it right. Everything is custom prepared to order, and thats an unbeatable deal. Prices are also great with everything under $10. Portions are generous.

Good Food, Great Prices
Spice and Rice opened in the April/May time frame and I was thinking, do another Indian restaurant in Irving? However, it was a pleasant surprise for me. They are a very casual dining place and probably do more business for singles wanting take out. Our Place in Valley Ranch would be rather expensive for bachelors to eat out daily, but Spice N Rice offers a good option.

Most of the dishes are around $6-8 and the portions are very big. The food is very tasty but if you don't like very hot food, tell them to make it mild or medium. For some reason, the chef puts jalapeno peppers to spice up the food and it tends to make the food very spicy.

With India Bazaar opening up, business will certainly go up and I wish them welll. Certainly recommend to give it a shot and I think you will come back for me. The Tikka Masala and Veg Biryani were good. Don't try the Wings, they are some type of Chicken pakoda, not quite what I had in mind.

We started with the fish cutlets, they were soooo good that we had to order full meals! Chicken biriyani, beef curry and naan..,,,my mouth is watering just typing about it!

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