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Top Biryani and Mughlia in DFW
Paradise Biryani is the Top Most Biryani in DFW. Excellent Tase with Top Quality. When I came from India, I went to many Indian restaurants in DFW (Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Arlington, etc). But there was something lagging in the taste or quality. But the Paradise has the exact Taste and Quality of Hyderabadi / Indian food.

When we were in Paradise it looks like we are in Hyderabad and having our selected dishes.

This is the best place to have Biryani in DFW, We can invite our relatives, friends and colleagues to the awesome Dinner.

Birthday party
This is the new restaurant and new management taken over from "spice inn". the food was really tasty and awesome. we all felt like we had hyderabadi dum biryani after a long long time. environment was really cool in the banquet hall by playing nice songs. this is the one of the best place to make parties. thanks a lot for the paradise indian cuisine management.

Bad place to have a party
I was there in spice inn for a birthday party. Its was like being in an oven. When reported to the guys, first of all, they didn't paid attention to what we were saying. Then they said they are going to take care and did turn the thermostats, but still we didn't felt any change and the whole party went like complaining to those guys.I guess, these guys' mentality is like that of the theater owners in India, like switch on ac when the film starts and switch it off during halfway through the show and switch it on when it is time for you to get out either for intermission or the end credits.

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