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If you're a woman, don't go there!
I went over to the puff n pastry section of the store last night to buy myself some biryani and was utterly disgusted by the way I was treated there. The men who hung outside the store as well as the ones who worked inside are chauvinistic and disrespectful to women. I was eyed like a piece of meat and when even though i was first in line, a man behind me was served first. The men outside then came in and tried to "accidentally" touch me while I stood waiting. This is so sad this we are in America and women still get treated like this.

Decent Food. Worth a try
Desi Dhaba just opened in January and is located in the same complex as the Sarigama grocery story. This new restaurant also has an attached bakery called Puff N Pastry.

We went for the lunch buffet which was about $7 and they had a decent spread. 3-4 veggie dishes, two chicken, one goat, chicken biryani with some sweet pongal and a nice cake for desert.

On the whole the food was tasty, we liked the biryani and the chicken tikka masala.

The service was also nice. They welcomed us and took care of us with a smile and also cleared the tables quickly and refilled the buffet table quickly as well.

I would certainly recommend this place and depending on your palate you can make up your own mind and leave your reviews here.

The seating arrangements are quite si

good for the price
Lunch buffet is 6.99 and dinner buffet is 7.99. We went on a weekend for dinner and the food was really fresh and tasty. We enjoyed a lot. For that price it's a give away.

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