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Been there few times! Still loving it
When a new restaurant hits the area, I usually get excited and feel its the best food in town but with time that feeling starts to wear off a bit, especially when the next Indian restaurant opens up. With Bombay Chopstix, that has not been the case so far. We have had food from here more than a dozen times and we still love the food.

We have tried many of the appetizers and main courses during our visits. While we do not have anything negative about any of the dishes, the Chilli Chicken dry, Chicken Machurian, Burnt Chilli Garlic Rice and Crispy Baby Corn remain our favs.

Lunch hour and weekends can be quite messy and chaotic given the rush and the lack of a good professional manager so avoid those times if you can.

Still give it a 5-star rating. This beats any other Indian Chinese place in the city, hands down.

Move over Masala Wok, there is a new kid in town
If you are in the mood for Indian Chinese in the Las Colinas/Valley Ranch area there typically was only one option Masala Wok. The food is not that tasty and the service there is quite sad.

With the arrival of Bombay Chopstix, I think that is all going to change soon. We had tried the Richardson location and are happy to see them open up a branch here. We did a take out so cannot say much about the service but food was really good. We tried the Baby Corn appetizer, Chilli Chicken and Fried rice and were really impressed by the taste. They tend to throw in a lot of chillies so ask them to go easy if you don't like hot food. More reviews as we try other options.

The Baby Corn appetizer is highly recommended.

it is very tasty food, which we will not get other place

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