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Extremely Spicy
This used to be Spice and Rice Tiffin and we really enjoyed their veg biryani which was tasty and just 4.99. After they became Biryani Point, things took a turn for the worse. We went soon after the restaurant opened and they had almost doubled the price of the veg biryani.

What really disappointed us what that even though we say mild, the food was terribly hot and we could eat only a couple of bites and threw the rest of the biryani out. The biryani is prepared before hand with the spice level so telling them mild or medium does not make any difference.

Have not been since and will never go again. If you like hot and spicy food, you may like this but there are plenty of options in the Irving area so why bother.

Worst experience I ever had at a restaurant
We walked in at around 6 in the evening and the restaurant was empty. The tables were'nt clean and the ambience was nothing to talk about. We ordered Badam milk and Poori. Both items were atrocious. The Poori was dripping with oil and did'nt even taste good. The Badam milk was subpar. We ordered those items since no one usually messes up but these guys proved our Theory wrong. We walked in front of the manager and waiter to throw our plates which were full of food away and they did'nt even have the courtesy to inquire about it or even talk to us at all except for billing us.

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