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Worst experience ever
This review is for your Denton Location. We have been here several times (even when it was Kokila and now that it is Bawarchi's) and always had a problem with delayed service here, so we decided to keep an account of exactly how much time passes between ordering and actually receiving food. We placed our order at 7:25 pm. My order Chicken vindaloo with Naan and my wifes order Aloo paratha. We received the chicken vindaloo at 7:50. It just had three small pieces of chicken, and the gravy was so sour that your teeth jam! We sent it back saying we would not be paying $10 for this gravy. We were informed that the sauce is being redone and will be out soon. Within 5 minutes we got the new vindaloo which tasted okay. There were still no signs of the Aloo paratha. Well after 8 pm when we had finished with the food, we were fed up and went up to pay the bill. As we were at the billing counter, they actually brought the Aloo paratha out to us!!!!!! And they insisted that we had to pay for it. When we spoke out, it was taken off the bill. It was an extremely bad experience n we would not be going back to this restaurant ever again.

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