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Fake Goan restaurant in Munich
Ok, this is not a authentic Goan restaurant. I am from goa and I recently moved to Munich, and was looking for Goan food in Munich. My girlfriend told me that there is a restaurant named Goa in Munich. So I thought that there would be Goan dishes there. So when I went there and saw the menu and spoke to the waiter he told me that there was no Goan dish on their menu.

So I asked him why they named it Goa. He did not reply and went away. So I think that they have named it Goa cause of the world wide known name and also the fact that it was a Portuguese colony. Also I realized that none of the people were Goans. I am pretty pissed about this since they have no connection with Goa. Its like me coming to USA and open a restaurant called Munich with German food and not being a German.

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