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worst dining experience
I don't even want to give this place one star but it seems I cannot tell the world how awful this dining experience was without it.

Where to start? The service = terrible. From when we ordered our first drinks (from their so called 'happy hour cocktails') which were wrong to the 5 times we asked for 2 bottles of water WHICH NEVER CAME we were given nothing but bad attitude.

We did not have a small order, for two people we ordered 2 entrees, 2 bread, 3 main dishes and 3 sides.

The cheese naan when if finally arrived was cold and the cheese was not even melted. For some reason one was warmer than the other. We were then given 2 dishes of tandoori chicken despite ordering one and then argued with when we informed them the second one wasn't our order. When the lamb dish arrived the meat was old and rubbery (as if it had been reheated 3 or 4 times, not made fresh and we had certainly not ordered any mutton) and the final chicken dish was quite hot but somehow cold on the inside.

The food itself was completely lacking spices and flavour as well as being sub-quality product (the meat was not well prepared nor fresh), the rice was dry and the entrees were not heated through properly either. There was no shortage of staff walking around and making jokes and swearing to each other but somehow unable to bring our orders to the table or make them correctly. The pickles and pappadums were the best thing that was actually brought to our table, everything else was just unbelievably terrible.

We did not even eat 10% of our meal despite ordering over 50 euro worth of food because we were given constant attitude for asking for our correct orders, drinks and the food when finally brought out was flavourless or incorrect. The waiters were some of the rudest I have ever dealt with and when my friend asked for her bottled water the 6th time (politely) she was told to 'cool down' while the waiter busied himself organising tea candles.

When we finally decided to leave because it was such a bad atmosphere and bad food not only were we overcharged for things we did not order but we were also repeatedly ridiculed for the amount of food that was ordered despite just wanting to pay in full and just get out of there.

Having eaten at many Indian restaurants all around the world and worked in the service industry I can honestly say this is the worst Indian if not overall dining experience I have ever had. Bad food, bad service and bad attitude. I hope that no one makes the mistake of spending any of their hard earned money here.

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