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Expansive and Poor Service
I went there once and decided not to be there again. The rates are expansive if compared to the ambiance and service. There was a board outside lunch for 13.95 Euro, but once inside, there is no reference of that in menu.
The naan I got was more like a Pita bread and not a real naan. I ordered for Shahi Paneer, but was served Paneer Tikka Masala and was charged for that ( which was around 14Euro), seeing the rude attitude of the person didn't felt it worth to argue with him on this.
I asked for plain water, and was served with a small bottle of water and was charged 2.5 Euro for that.
Once finished my lunch I was waiting for my ticket for almost 15 minutes, but no one there to take care of. Finally I had to walk to the counter to pay my bill.
Overall poor quality, poor service, expansive food.

totally disagree with all those review!!!!
sorry to say but i dn't agree with those comments... i go there since i work in brussels but never saw someone rude over there!!!!
Im from mumbai nd i enjoy the food of they're restaurant. It's the same food of home.. Just the way we like !!!

horrible plz beware
Very bad service. Waiters have no respect for you and talk rudely. They were not allowing u to sit at the table of our choice even though the hotel was empty.The limit was when we paid and the left the hotel, the waiter followed us and asked if we had the correct amount and we had to how him the bill again to convince him that we did not cheat them.
Never insulted in life like this ever Before. If you want to retain your dignity do not go there.

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