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Extremely slow n expensive
We were so hungry while looking at the menu's!! We were told that we'd have to wait for the main course - about 10-15 mins, we said fine, we can have the starters in the meantime. Starters came, the food was brilliant. But but but, we waited for a whole hour for the main course, there was about 14 occupied tables and everyone was waiting for the food to come. Ive never felt so uncomfortable in a restaurant + the tables are miniscule and the drinks ultra expensive.ANd when the main course came, u felt like uv waited for nothing, i think there was too many people and they just whisked meat into any curry and presented it as ur dish - come on ive tried the vindaloo before, it doesnt taste bland like this! for 2 persons, we paid 60 euros. Not worth the wait. Also, kitchen staff speak in loud voices and u have to speak louder to be heard.

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