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Whether you prefer meat to vegetable, or both, the Restaurant has several options to please any pallet. Also they can decrease the heat of any item on the menu. My husband and I are repeat customers and have had a great time and great food everytime we have gone! From savory meat dishes to sweet desserts, meat to vegetarian, we have sampled most everything on their menu. I go back for the Butter Chicken, personally, but the Papdi Chaat salad is great too, for something lighter. Also, try the mango lassi. It's a quality food at a good price. Service was attentive, even when they were busy with a party on the other side. We have been happy to return even on quieter nights! I am happy they are here, and they definitely give other Indian Restaurant's in Columbus a run for their money. They have gained our family as faithful patrons. I hope they stay. Thank you Venky's Spice House! :)
by Gift Certificate not accepted
I wanted to use my gift certificate, but they no longer accepted them. Instead of eating, I chose to leave. There are enough tasty Indian restaurants in Columbus that I won't miss the experience.

The restaurant is very nice and offers really great food with a great price but the services are not very good. The waitress does not treat people nicely.

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