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Let down by the customer service
Even though the Omid store stocks all the necessary Indian commodities. Please be aware that when it comes to hearing the customer's grievance on a certain purchased commodity Mr. Omid turns a deaf ear. He needs to realize that there are quiet a few other Indian stores in the vicinity which are more reasonably priced and therefore stand as a tough competition to him. So when the other day I purchased a 2kg dal little did I know that when open it did smell and taste strange. I therefore assumed that if I bring it back to Omid at least a replacement would be offered if not refund. But Mr.Omid was very stubborn to even listen out my complaint and did not offer any replacement nor refund. His argument was if the packet is opened it cannot be taken back. Which does not make any sense because only when the packet is opened will you realize if the stuff inside smells and taste's good. To conclude Mr.Omid must realize that his business thrives on the Indian community and therefore needs to make an effort to maintain customer relationship. There are plenty of other options in the vicinity to purchase Indian groceries!

Omid Store
This is an excellent indian store! They offer a very broad range of natural indian products with many ready to eat meals and are to my opinion very reasonable with the price! Good location and good service, thereby offering discounts at indian restaurants, home delivery service, free dvds and so more..
I recommend this Indian store to all of you!

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