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Apalling Service
My wife went to Bharat with our three kids, who really like some of the Indian sweets. The lady behind the counter ignored her and served other customers first, though my wife was ahead in line. She did this until a customer actually said "No, I think these people were first." Then when my wife wanted to order sweets the lady said "No, hot food orders first" and turned away from her without a word. Unbelievably rude. Never going back.

Multitalented Punam
We were exceptionally impressed by Poonam in Pankaj Udhas's concert.First of all , she is very pretty but very humble.She carries herself with grace.It was a beautiful surprise to know that though she is a very professional businesswomanshe is also wnderful writer.lastl but not the least, she manages the stage very well and a great speaker.It is very encouraging to see such a talent in younger generation.keep it up.......

The meaning of Punam
Punam = excellent customer service,quality food/groceries/spices/sweets, well-dressed,polished manners/perfect choice of perfumes............

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