Vindaloo against Violence



The last few months have drawn a lot of attention to attacks on Indians in Australia whicjh appear to be racially driven. Many students have been badly hurt and a few have even died. Mia Northrop, a resident of Melbourne has initiated an idea to stop the spreading of the violence through the promotion of great Indian food. Her idea is to get the people of Melbourne to dine at local Indian restaurants to show their solidarity to the local Indian community. 

The event is being scheduled for Wednesday February 24, 2010.  



Below is her idea.

Vindaloo Against Violence gives ordinary Melburnians a peaceful, easy way to:

She initiated this event because she wanted her voice to be heard on this issue but didnâ€â„¢t know how.

Letâ€â„¢s signal to the Indian media and other international observers that everyday Australians do not accept racially motivated violence and racism.

Letâ€â„¢s also shift the local media, government and law enforcement focus from preventative measures Indians should take to protect themselves to:

The event is not supporting any particular business interests and this initiative receives no government, commercial, organisation, union, community, religious or political party funding.

The idea is simply for everyday people to come together to support their immigrant communities in a very Melbourne way: through great food.

For more details, visit the Vindaloo against Violence website.

Indian Restaurants in Victoria.   

Indian Restaurants in Melbourne.

Indian Restaurants in East Melbourne.

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