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Review - 16 Feb 2013
Went there for dinner. I was welcomed by an empty restaurant, the air conditioning was not working, very stuffy air and two people of Indian origin greeted me with out a taint of smile on their face,
I had Butter chicken (What could go wrong in that??) and mixed vegetable curry with rice.
Butter chicken - It did not tasted any thing like a butter chicken (even cooked from the ready made bottled masala mix you could get from supermarkets) and later I figured out that they served me Murg Mumtaz! The waiter and the chef voluntarily changed my order!! It was boiled chicken cubes in some awful gravy of chilly powder and tomato sauce.
Mixed Veg curry - Indeed it was a mix of boiled vegetables in the same gravy which was used for the chicken they produced.
I had some spoonfuls and washed the tongue with beer, paid a left. It cost me close to 90 Reais.
I tend to score the Delhi Restaurant as follows-
Location - 8/10
Ambiance - 5/10 (the Indian movie songs on TV was such a turn off)
Friendliness of staff - 5/10 (Please learn to smile)
Food Quantity - 6/10 (you get enough !!)
Food Quality - 3/10
Value for money - 3/10

Wonder how and why they survive !!


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