Facebook Fan Car Sticker Giveaway

We crossed the 3400 fan mark in March, 2012 and to celebrate that milestone, we are giving away a free car sticker to anyone who is interested in getting the sticker. Everyone is a winner (until we run out of stickers :-)).  An image of the sticker is shown above. The sticker is 12 X 3 and sticks on the inside of a car window. The sticker has a black background and golden letters.

In order to get this sticker, you have to do the following

  • You must be a Facebook Fan of our website. You can sign up as a fan by visiting the Indian Foods Guide.com Facebook Fan page and joining as a fan.
  • You need to click the Like button on any posting on our Facebook Fan page that references this contest. Its that simple. 
  • We will contact you via Facebook message to get your address and the number of stickers you want. We will mail them out shortly. 
  • Please request the sticker only if you are really gone to stick it on you car.
  • We would greatly appreciate it if you would help spread the message (by sharing this link with your friends) and get others to sign up as fans too. We will announce more giveaways, such as cookbooks, dinners etc as we hit new milestones so help us get to those milestones. 

Thank you for being a fan and supporting our effort to help build a better site dedicated to Indian food.