Facebook Fan Mousepad Giveaway Winners

First, a very big Thank You to everyone who participated in the content. We ran the contest for 1 month and in that time we managed to add 200 fans. The winners were picked by our VIP guest (my son) this morning. You can see the pictures below. We had a lot of fun picking the winners this morning.  

The lucky winners are

  1. Andrea Giunta
  2. Elaine Cartlidge
  3. Stephanie Blaising
  4. Sehra Bindal
  5. Zarana Karbhari

We will send you a message via Facebook and if you are interested in the prize, please mail us your address and we will have it sent to you shortly. If we don't hear back from the winners, we will give it away to another fan. We will announce our next contest later this week. 

View the embedded image gallery online at: