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Facebook Fan Mousepad Giveaway Winners

First, a very big Thank You to everyone who participated in the content. We ran the contest for 1 month and in that time we managed to add 200 fans. The winners were picked by our VIP guest (my son) this morning. You can see the pictures below. We had a lot of fun picking the winners this morning.  

The lucky winners are

  1. Andrea Giunta
  2. Elaine Cartlidge
  3. Stephanie Blaising
  4. Sehra Bindal
  5. Zarana Karbhari

We will send you a message via Facebook and if you are interested in the prize, please mail us your address and we will have it sent to you shortly. If we don't hear back from the winners, we will give it away to another fan. We will announce our next contest later this week. 

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Funny Indian Restaurant Menu Typos

Would you eat at a restaurant offering "1 Bowel  of Sambar" or an "Anguish Burger"? The British left us the English language and its been murdered by many but probably the restaurant industry has really killed it over and over again. I am not sure why this happens but its very common to find typos in the menus of Indian restaurants all over the world and some of its makes for very funny reading. In this article we present some funny ones that we have come across like

  1. The Bombay Anguish Burger
  2. A Bowel of Sambar
  3. Lamb, Chicken and Seafood Entries and possibly the most famous of them all
  4. Sandwhich or Sandwitch 

 Whats the funniest you have come across? Please share it with us or leave it in the comments section. 

"Be Sin Ladu" picture courtesy SaffronTrail.  Please visit her website or Like her on Facebook

Facebook Fan Mousepad Giveaway


We launched our Facebook Fan page a few months ago and today we hit the 500 fans milestone. To celebrate this milestone, we are giving away 5 mousepads to 5 lucky fans.  All you have to do is listed below.

  • If you are Facebook Fan, all you have to do is simply click on the "Like" button on the wall post related to the content. Yes, its that simple, all you have to do to win is lift a finger.
  • If you are not a Facebook fan, you will have to signup as a fan by visiting the Indian Foods Facebook Fan page. Once you have signed up, click the "Like" button.
  • We would greatly appreciate it if you would help spread the message (by sharing this link with your friends) and get others to sign up as fans too. We will announce more giveaways, such as cookbooks, dinners etc as we hit new milestones.

Thank you for being a fan and supporting our effort to help build a better site dedicated to Indian food. 

The contest has been closed as of April 15th 2010. Winners will be announced shortly

 Rules of the Contest: 

 1. The contest is open to everyone no matter where you live. 

 2. The contest will be open till the 15th of April, 2010. 

 3. We will announce the winners after the 15th of April, 2010. If the winner does not want the prize, we will pick another winner. The winners are responsible for any customs duty applicable in their country. We will send the prize by regular post. 

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Worlds Largest Indian Restaurant

Whats the largest Indian restaurant you have been to? 100 seats, 200 seats...maybe 300. Well, the largest Indian restaurant seats over 800. Aakash Restaurant in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire seats about 860 guets at a time and is housed in a 19th century chapel. Apparently, the chapel was rundown and in derelict state until one of the original restaurant owners decide to take it over and renovate in 2001.

Today the restaurant offers a 5 course Indian buffet prepared by 5 Star Chefs. They have over 30 dishes in the buffet. The buffet costs 9.95  on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 13.95 on Thu, Fri and Saturday. They have a good Ala-carte menu with items like Coconut Mint grilled Pomfret, Fish Tikka, Lamb chops, a host of Biryani's and a good selection of vegetarian dishes as well.

They have various events during the year covering popular events such as Valentine's day, New Years, Christmas etc and have special evenings such as Bollywood night.


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